Why we love Dennise Conforti Organized MD, Organizing Specialist


~ E. D. Home Owner Burlington, ON
“Tears come to my eyes when I think about how grateful I am for the help Denise provided. We are seniors and were moving to a much smaller home. We needed a lot of help to sort through and dispose of many items. Denise is knowledgeable about all the services you need when you downsize. It is hard to let go of some things, but Denise showed us the way forward and arranged for many items to go to new homes. Knowing she was there to help on moving day made an incredible difference and helped us stay calm. She helped us in so many ways, including just sitting and listening from time to time, joking with us and giving us the mental boost we needed to keep going. She never stops when she is working with you – a whirlwind! You will not regret engaging her services. It will be one of the best decisions you make when moving and downsizing.”

~ Dr. D.O.  Home Owner, Toronto, Ontario
Working with Dennise has been a game changer in my life.  I originally used Dennise’s services to help me purge and organize my home for an upcoming move, which included sorting through 20 years-worth of ‘stuff’ that had been piling up in an unfinished basement.  I was overwhelmed and had been procrastinating for years, but Dennise created a system for our work that not only got my house in order well in time for our move, but also made me feel deeply encouraged and capable – I started to love my space again, and I realized that I didn’t have to live under the crushing weight of ‘stuff’ that never got organized.  After moving to our new home, I brought Dennise in to help me settle and create intelligent systems for where to put things.  Every time we completed a session I felt a rush of accomplishment and an increased inner calm.  Dennise is excellent at what she does – she is intelligent, creative, fast and efficient, and she is a pleasure to spend time with.  I cannot recommend Dennise highly enough.

~ Dr. M.S.  Home Owner, Toronto, Ontario
I love working with Dennise. After moving twice, and completing a residency and fellowship, my papers were not in order. She helped me implement a system that worked for me. Dennise paid for herself when she found a cheque I had misplaced from a locum. Dennise continues to be helpful for me, especially during times of transition. The systems she has put in place help save me time and sanity.”

~ D. Home Owner, Toronto, Ontario – Virtual
WOW– We worked together Virtually something I have never tried before and was so skeptical at trying. Dennise suggested we give it a try with 1 hour and see how I felt after the hour. Dennise made me feel so comfortable as we worked through decluttering some of the rooms in my home. She guided and made suggestions that helped me make decisions I have struggled with before. I am so thankful to have found Dennise she has made an amazing impact in my life and look forward to continuing to work together.”

~Cristina and Joe, Home Owners Toronto, Ontario
“Your assistance was much appreciated, especially in helping us to
make difficult decisions. You went out of your way, and it was out of this world!”

~Gail M, Home Owner Etobicoke, Ontario
Organized MD  is worth every dime!  I’m a busy woman who works full-time, has a busy self-employed husband, and two (2) busy kids. As a result, keeping things organized is quite a challenge!  I contacted Dennise because when my family was getting ready for an event, from school to work to sporting events to social events, we could never find what we wanted in the house to get ready.  We were always running late!  Dennise came to my home and evaluated our situation.  She quickly made a lot of suggestions for improvement.  She had a wealth of resources that we used to plan and organize.  After some phone calls and shopping, together we updated calendars and organized closets. I immediately saw results!  Now, I’m ready for all upcoming events and more importantly always on time! Thank you!”


Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

-Wayne Dyer


~Matt D, Office Toronto, Ontario – Virtual
“I am a busy guy. I like to go, go, go and always put my office and keeping track of my time on the back burner. Dennise was referred to me by one of my colleagues and said if anyone can help you Dennise can. After just a few sessions with Dennise, I find my office is more organized and I have improved my time management in getting tasks completed on time. Now I am a still a work in progress but with Dennise helping me on a regular basis I am able to stay on top of what I need to get done daily. I have learned so much already and I highly recommend Dennise.

Lisa T, Office Toronto, Ontario
“I recently worked with Dennise Conforti, Organizing Specialist, of Organized MD to improve my home office.  To say it is improved would be an understatement.  I am so thrilled with my new office in terms of Efficiency, Productivity, and Aesthetics.  Dennise was a pleasure to work with always on time, super helpful, and resourceful.  She shopped for the best value on my behalf if I needed to order items.  Dennise also put me in touch with other related services that I have used and will continue to use in the future.  I highly recommend Dennise Conforti’s Services.”


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~Dr. V Medical ClinicVirtual
“Dennise was highly recommended when we were looking for someone to help us sort out our storage room that had become a dropping ground for everything. We have been so busy with Covid-19 protocols over the last two years that we never thought about how the disorganized storage space was affecting our daily work. We hired Dennise to work Virtually to help us sort out our current storage space and create a new layout and storage system moving forward. Dennise was amazing to work with she helped my staff prioritize our needs for the space so that we got the best layout. Dennise helped us create systems that are manageable to keep the new storage space organized. I am looking forward to working with Dennise again as we have hired her again to work one on one with each of the staff to improve their work spaces and time management. “

~Lori L, Medical Clinic Manager
“Dennise has shown an exemplary work ethicShe was conscientious and hardworking.  She prioritized her work and time wisely.  Dennise has proven to be adaptable to any situation.  Her knowledge and facets of her work are excellent I would not hesitate to hire Dennise again.”

~Robin C., Medical Clinic Office Manager
“Dennise worked within our very busy multidisciplinary medical practice, she was always pleasant and easy to get along with.  Dennise handled everything in a relaxing and professional manner.  Her dependability, dedication, and willingness to meet our specific needs have been an invaluable asset to this operation.  There is no doubt that I would hire Dennise again in the future.”

~Clare H, Director of Health Services
“I can’t say enough positive things about working with Dennise. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I oversee a busy clinic with a broad interdisciplinary team and Dennise was able to arrive onsite, assess our situation, make recommendations, and deliver on these changes. She sourced, delivered, and installed new materials for us, connected us with a wonderful handy person, and made our clinic/lab reorganization a painless process. In addition to her professionalism she is also a lovely person who is a pleasure to work with. I can’t possibly recommend her enough and will certainly look to Dennise for any future work we may have.” 

~Linda M, Medical Doctor
“Our working relationship was an excellent and rewarding experience. Dennise came very highly recommended. I found Dennise to be extremely bright and skilled, always ready with not only the “how-to” but the “why” of all phases of operation.  Dennise performed a wide variety of services.  She held the most professional and courteous manner regardless how busy the day was.  She was always able to undertake my problems and provide solutions.  I highly recommend Dennise for whatever you require.   Her energy,  cheerfulness, and intelligence would be a fine asset to anyone.”

~NP, Medical Clinic
I absolutely LOVE the way the exam rooms and utility room/lab have been stocked and organized. The last few shifts I’ve worked have been wonderful in terms of all equipment/testing media etc., available and easy to locate. The space is much cleaner with infection control related dirty/clean speculums etc managed beautifully. Just had to let you know that was money and time well spent for the clinic, particularly as I was one of the people who brought forth issues.”

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