Organized MD

Are you feeling, Stressed out, Frustrated, Overwhelmed? Do you want to Improve your daily life?

Providing organizational treatment for:

Busy Families – Individuals – Medical Professionals

Organized MD’s goal is to help you meet your organizational needs and goals to improve your daily life.

By bringing flow and function back into your life. Professional Organizing Specialist, Dennise Conforti of Organized MD, helps you reduce everyday stress caused by disorganization with your time and spaces. With organization, you’ll experience improved overall health, well-being, and peace of mind. Not to mention, it provides more time for you and the most important things in your life.

Organized MD – offers a fresh, creative, and functional approach to help you get – and stay – organized.

By creating customized systems and changes to your time and spaces, you can improve your time management to meet your needs and goals, as well you can improve your daily life and how you function in your environment.


Whether you live alone or have a family, you want your home to be a relaxing and comfortable place to be. I can help you organize your home so that you can live with ease.


Work can be stressful, your office and the systems you have for your workflow shouldn’t be. I can take some stress out of your day by helping you create a space and systems that support you and your needs.

Medical Office / Clinic

Your focus should be on the treatment and care of your patients. The way you manage your time and space is key to being able to provide that care. Let me help you get organized.

Organized MD

A little about me,

I am a wife, and mother to two children with special needs, a child with ADHD+LD’s, and a child with ASD, High-Functioning Autism. I’ve had a 17+year career in the medical industry working along side doctors and medical professionals prior to transitioning my career to Professional Organizing. I am a Certified Professional Organizer CPO®, Certified Virtual Professional Organizer CVPO™. Chronic Disorganization Specialist and ADHD Specialist.

There is no doubt that I would hire Dennise again in the future.

Slogan that reads "More Time tomorrow and healthier Spaces today!" with images of 3 pills, one says time, once says spaces.