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So, you’re a Certified Professional Organizer and a Certified Virtual Organizing Professional! What does this mean for me?

It means that not only have I gone through specific training, but I also continue to do so, and I’m always learning new things. It allows me to understand your organizational needs and provide a Professional Organizing customized solution. I can help develop a system to best suit you and your needs.

I am currently 1 of only a few CPOs and CVOPs in Canada required to follow the code of ethics, recertify every three years, and earn 15 continuing education credits per year to maintain certification.

What is a Certified Virtual Organizing Professional and how does this work and benefit me?

Virtual organizing is an organizing process and service provided by a Highly qualified professional organizer, exclusively using technology via phones, tablets or computers. Working with you in short 1-3 hour sessions over the phone or through video chat using Zoom.

Virtual Organizing benefits for you, the client :

  • You can live anywhere in the world.
  • You are able to work with a professional organizer, as sessions are more affordable than in-person sessions.
  • It is easier to fit into a busy schedule as virtual sessions are shorter than in-person organizing sessions.
  • You don’t have to bring anyone into your home for this service.
  • You are committed to working toward your goal.
  • Accountability to your professional organizer can help keep you on task
  • You’re extremely motivated to reach your organizing goals.
  • You’re comfortable using technology on your phone, tablet, or computer and you have reliable internet access.
  • You’re good at working on your own, but you want expert advice and instruction.
  • You have the physical ability to do hands-on organizing work by yourself or with help from supportive friends or family members
Do you take COVID-19 precautions when on site?

I have been fully vaccinated, and whenever possible during our work together, I try to maintain distance. I wear a mask when working indoors, and I wash and sanitize my hands regularly. I bring limited items on site.

I do not require you, the client, to wear a mask; it is up to you and your own level of comfort.

How much does organizing cost? ​

Organized MD offers many treatment packages to meet your needs and budget, from DIY you just need a plan or more in-depth help and support from me to help and guide you from start to finish.

How do we get started?

Step 1- Book your consultation complimentary 30 mins via zoom.

Step 2- We will discuss your needs and challenges and how I can help you! Gathering all the additional information needed to create the best customized treatment plan for your needs.

Step 3- Schedule your treatment plan appointment(s) and start healing your time and spaces!

How long will it take to get me organized?

There is no specific amount of time. It truly depends on you and your needs. I could give you and estimate but this would just be an estimate as there are many factors and variables that can impact our work.

Everyone has their own level of “organized.”  I will work with you until we have reached your organizational goals and until you feel organized and can function in the space with flow and ease. I will create a system that is manageable for you to maintain.

With time management, I help you figure out and understand how and where you are currently spending your time. I will help you take control and build efficiency with your work and systems. I want to leave you empowered to be able to control your time, no longer forgetting appointments/commitments or feeling like you’re running out of time each day.

What should I do to prepare before we start working together?

Do Nothing! Some clients think oh, I do not want the organizer to see my space like this. But the truth is in order to create the best possible systems for you, it is best to see your spaces as they are. It will allow me to see how you are currently organizing and using the spaces.

I run a busy medical clinic and need help but I want it to be discreet?

First, I offer my clients 100% confidentiality and privacy. Depending on the type of help you need, I work discreetly when on-site with Medical Professionals; I will wear similar clothing to the staff during regular clinic/office hours; I even have a selection of scrubs should they be required.

How do you help me with my Time Management?

During our work together we will fully look at how you are using your time now VS how you want to be using your time.

Together we will talk about strategies and create a customized system to help you improve your time management.

Once we have a plan, I will work with you to make the changes and support you until you feel you are meeting your time management goals.

Are you going to make me throw out my things?

No! Organization is a process focused on making your space work for you. During the process, we evaluate what is important in relation to making your space function. Through this, you naturally eliminate items that aren’t serving you or your space.

Do you have Before and After photos?

Organizing is customized to the client’s needs and wants. I find that the before and after photos of someone else’s space do not reflect well to others.

I have taken pictures as a reference when helping clients, as well as when I am sourcing products for a space.

I will however suggest to clients that they take Before and After photos so that they can see the progress and amazing transformation.

What support do you offer before and after?

I offer you continued support throughout the process and between organizing treatment sessions with email and texts.

Follow-up treatment sessions are a helpful tool in maintaining the new treatment systems. As life changes, systems need to be changed and tweaked so that they continue to meet all of your needs.  

I offer weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance treatment plans that will fit your needs and budget.

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