Time Management, Productivity,
Decluttering, and Organizing Services

I get it! Many things are calling for our attention at home and work and it is hard to find the time/motivation to get organized. You know that something needs to be done but where to start? – well, you have taken the first step in figuring it all out, I can help get you there!


The best way to get something done is to begin.


Time Management and Productivity

Wish you weren’t always, late, rushing, cutting corners to get things done or making excuses for unfished tasks? Forgot your files, phone, or forgot to pick up the groceries for dinner? You keep missing the due dates and deadlines? Are your days a blur, double booking your appointments and commitments? Do you feel like you’re bouncing back and forth because you lack work flow and not being productive? Do you find it hard to function in your space and getting distracted, which is leading to increased stress, tension and poor quality of life and or work?

I can prescribe the treatment you need to:

  • Arrive on time and have everything you need with you
  • Take control of your time to be able to manage all your daily tasks, appointments and commitments
  • Have better work flow to be more productive and efficient
  • Improve the function of your space so you can be more focused and less distracted
  • Decluttering and organizing your time
  • Family command centers
  • Family task management
  • Paper management
  • Maintenance systems
  • Schedule prioritizing
  • Workflow systems
  • Work load management
  • Task management
  • Time management

Time is our most valuable resource. Our world is constantly changing and I think we can all agree that everyone is busy. Creating a new system and routine can be difficult and overwhelming. 

I’ll help you create a customized system that allows you to take control of your time, to maintain your priorities and responsibilities. We’ll balance your workload by improving your time-management skills with systems to increase your efficiency and productivity. 


Decluttering and Organizing Spaces

Are you stressed out, tired, overwhelmed, have you given up? Do you struggle with keeping the spaces in your home, office or clinic organized? Perhaps, you get so frustrated and give up looking for things you just go buy new items? Did you miss paying another bill and it is now overdue and you have to pay late fees? Did you miss an appointment or gathering because you could not find the information in the pile or overstuffed drawer?

I can prescribe the treatment you need to:

  • Reduce your stress by knowing where items are when you need them and where to find them
  • Make space for what is important to you and your needs
  • Stop wasting time looking for things by saving you time and money
  • Feel in control of your spaces to improve your home-life and work-life
  • Decluttering and organizing spaces in the home or office
  • Space Planning and layout
  • Space flow and function
  • Decluttering and organizing stock and storage areas
  • Work and exam room spaces
  • Moving and downsizing

This process can often be overwhelming and frustrating – you know that organization is needed but you just don’t know how or where to start.

I’ll help you declutter and organize your spaces. By creating customized solutions to fit the space, making your spaces more calm, more functional, and efficient while maximizing storage.

Slogan that reads "More Time tomorrow and healthier Spaces today!" above image of 3 pills, one says time, once says spaces.

Let’s get started!

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