About Dennise Conforti CPO®, CVPO™

Hi! My name is Dennise Conforti,

I am a Certified Professional Organizer CPO® and Certified Virtual Professional Organizer CVPO™, wife, and mother to two children with special needs. As a parent to a child with ADHD+LD’s, and a child with ASD, High-Functioning Autism, I understand the daily challenges and struggles families face.

I’ve been providing organizing treatment for busy families, individuals, and medical professionals for over 15 years. 

Before my transition to professional organizing, I was fortunate enough to work with doctors and professionals in the medical industry for 17+ years. I Worked closely with doctors and clinic teams in a number of clinical settings, including small medical clinics, large Multidisciplinary clinics, and specialty medical services. I was able to create custom, streamlined systems in a variety of clinical settings to improve the flow, function, and time management. These systems fit both doctor and staff needs while making patient care the number one priority.

As a CPO, and CVPO I’m continually learning new skills and ideas that bring value to my organizational services. This allows me to better serve my diverse clients and their needs. My life-long learning continues through my memberships with The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals, The Institute for Challenging Disorganization, as well as the Professional Organizers in Canada. I love learning new ways to improve my organizational skills – then pass those benefits along to you!


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The professional education, courses, and certifications I have earned are something I am very proud of. It allows me to provide the best service to you. I also think my life experience is just as valuable. Why? Let’s just say I’ve had a very adventurous past.

I have lived in the tiniest of places, larger-than-I-knew-what-to-do-with spaces and a few spaces in between. Since I was a little girl, I moved around a lot, which forced us to stretch our dollar, be creative in making choices of items that would have value now and in the future, as well as items having a variety of uses and functions.

I also learned about loss early in life. This required me to learn about the value of sentimental items and the importance of how and when to let them go.

Because of my various life experiences, I feel it gives me a greater understanding and allows me to bring different perspectives to my clients.

I’d love to help you heal your time and spaces!


Professional Memberships and Code of Conduct

I am a proud member of the Professional Organizers in Canada, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

I adhere to the Code of Conduct and Ethics which pertain to our client relationship, offering the highest standard of Service and Privacy.

The Board for Certified Professional Organizers
BCPO Code of Conduct https://www.napo.net/page/about_ethics

The Professional Organizers in Canada
POC Code of Conduct https://www.organizersincanada.com/about/code-of-ethics.html

The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals
NAPO Code of Conduct https://www.napo.net/page/about_ethics

The Institute for Challenging Disorganization
ICD Code of Conduct https://www.challengingdisorganization.org/code-of-ethics

Organized MD volunteers

Education, Training, Certifications and Certificates


  • BCPO Certified Professional Organizer CPO®
National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals. Certified Professional Organizer® (CPO®)
  • Certified Virtual Professional Organizer CVPO™
Certified Virtual Professional Organizer.

Professional Organizers in Canada (POC)

  • POC Trained Professional Organizer
Professional Organizers in Canada.
  • POC Gold Leaf Member
Professional Organizers in Canada - Gold Leaf Member

Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD)

  • ICD Chronic Disorganization Specialist®
  • ICD ADHD Specialist
  • ICD Hoarding Specialist
  • ICD Aging Specialist
  • ICD Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization
  • ICD Certificate of Study in Understanding the Needs of the Aging Client
  • ICD Certificate of Study in Interpersonal Intelligence
  • ICD Certificate of Study in Time Management and Productivity
  • ICD Certificate of Study in ADHD
  • ICD Certificate of Study in Understanding Hoarding Behavior

National Association of Productivity & Organization Professionals (NAPO)

  • NAPO Essentials of Organizing
  • NAPO Specialist Workplace Productivity
  • NAPO Specialist Life Transitions
  • NAPO Specialist Household Management
  • NAPO Specialist Residential Organizing
  • NAPO Verified Business Stamp of Approval 2021, 2022



Volunteering to grow the Professional Organizing Industry

Professional Organizers in Canada – various roles at the Chapter & National Level 2012-present.

  • National Board of Directors
  • POC Past- President 2021
  • POC President 2019, 2020
  • POC Director of Chapters 2018
  • POC Director at Large 2017
  • National Conference Committee
  • NCC Exhibitor/Sponsor Lead 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Toronto Chapter
  • Chapter Past Chair 2018
  • Chapter Chair 2016, 2017
  • Chapter Vice Chair 2014
  • Chapter Secretary 2014
  • Chapter Community initiatives 2013, 2014

As the president of the Professional Organizers in Canada, Dennise shared her organizing expertise with decluttering in articles for The Toronto Star, CTV News, as well as Viva Magazine Online.

Institute for Challenging Disorganization

  • Growth and Development Committee 2021

Slogan that reads "More Time tomorrow and healthier Spaces today!" with images of 3 pills, one says time, once says spaces.

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